The Mary Leak Foundation is a Southern California 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit charitable foundation. It was established in 2011. The charge of the Foundation is to provide business & financial education, professional mentoring and cultural enrichment to disadvantaged and underprivileged youth. 

The Foundation's research has revealed the vast majority of children come from homes where parents are too busy or uninformed to provide financial education to their children. Moreover, the public school system is too antiquated and underfunded to provide business & financial education in the primary and secondary curricula. In the wake of our Great Recession, we believe there to be an urgency in these manners of instruction, unlike any generation before. We hope to partner with as many nonprofit and secondary educational institutions as possible, who recognize a need for business & financial education based curricula for their clients and students. We are most concerned about the plight of disadvantaged and underprivileged youth as their economic disenfranchisement so often begins at birth. 


The flagship program of the Foundation is our Talented Tenth Mentoring Program™ (TTMP). The Program is the instructional platform for the Foundation. It delivers the Foundation's vision in a comprehensive and synergistic delivery system, which includes: Life Skills enrichment workshops; business & financial education curricula; paired mentoring of participants with adult professionals; and professional-oriented cultural outings.