About Us

The Mary Leak Foundation was established by Mr. Julian Paris. It is named posthumously after his mother, Mary Ann Leak. Ms. Leak was a life-long student, devoted civil servant, and philanthropist. She believed very strongly in education and community service. As a child, she instilled in Mr. Paris an unwavering commitment to pursuing his dreams. The Foundation was established to provide the kind of instruction, professional mentoring and cultural enrichment he received from his mother & most influential mentor. 

It is through Mr. Paris’ law enforcement work, mentoring and business interests (i.e. business owner, entrepreneur, investor, securities broker, financial consultant, and author), that he was exposed to the myriad of socio-economic and personal financial management challenges facing so many hard-working Americans. He further observed a tremendous need for business & financial education and professional mentoring for teenagers, particularly those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Mr. Paris’ belief is that economic disenfranchisement too often begins at birth. If financial education is not introduced or encouraged in the home (particularly given its absence in most primary and secondary schools' curricula), we cannot expect prudent financial management to be a priority for kids when they become adults. Absent the proper foundational instruction, underprivileged youth are more inclined to exercise poor money management habits as young adults. In doing so, they run the risk of resigning themselves to their socio-economic position, even as working adults. 

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Foundation is to improve the personal and financial well-being of disadvantaged and underprivileged youth by providing them with business and financial education, professional mentoring and cultural enrichment.



We endeavor for every child to receive business & financial educational instruction and entrepreneurial encouragement at the secondary stage of his/her academic development. Our expectation is that given the proper instruction, tools, and resources, our program participants will ultimately become successful business owners, investors, and exemplary citizens.

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Core Values


  1. Indomitable Spirit
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Business Consciousness
  4. Operational Efficiency
  5. Entrepreneurial Vision
  6. Financial Independence
  7. Philanthropy

Indomitable Spirit

The road from financial disenfranchisement to financial independence is a journey filled with obstacles, barriers and disappointments. We empower our participants with the belief that they are both worthy and capable of achieving the latter. They are expected to never surrender to their fears or society’s valuation of them, and to assume a disposition of prosperity as they navigate their journey.

Financial Literacy

Business and financial management have a language all their own. They encompass principles, formulas, ratios, and vocabulary which are essential to their proficient practice. Participants are provided a comprehensive foundation of instruction and case studies upon which they may improve their understanding as they utilize the above.

Business Consciousness

Capitalism is the driving force of our global economy, as well as much of what we interface with throughout our daily lives. Participants’ discernment of capitalism’s role in the world around them (in both the public and private sector) is essential for their instruction and ultimately achieving financial independence.

Operational Efficiency

A commitment to improving performance within any enterprise is as important as the product or service it provides. Systems, analytics and benchmarks facilitate efficiency and the measurement of performance, as well as identify those areas in need of improvement. Our instruction provides a foundation for optimizing productivity and profit within their lives and future enterprises. 

Entrepreneurial Vision

Entrepreneurship is the implicit centerpiece of financial independence and wealth creation. It facilitates the realization of multiple streams of income within a single enterprise and elevates the practitioner from an earned-income dependent employee to a passive & portfolio-income recipient owner.

Financial Independence

Freedom from dependence on earned income should be the occupational goal of every adult. We provide a clear understanding of the necessity for achieving such, particularly given current and compelling macro and micro economic factors. In doing so, our participants enter adulthood with a clear agenda and solid instruction for accomplishing it.


We espouse the belief that “to whom much is given, much is required.” We invest considerable time, energy and resources into our participants, with the expectation of them returning to their families, schools & communities to share the instruction received. As they establish profitable enterprises and secure lucrative investments, we also expect our participants to reach back into their communities and assist those less fortunate through education, mentorship and employment.