At The Mary Leak Foundation, we are committed to providing comprehensive instruction to disadvantaged youth in areas that will facilitate their personal growth and development into healthy and well adjusted adults. We are further dedicated to improving their quality of life through an acculturation to professional skill sets and financial instruction.

* The below listed topics are available for presentation in either lecture (L) or workshop (W) format. Request a speaker for your organization today!



Motivation & Personal Development: Developing a Vision for your Future

Leadership: Stepping Out From the Crowd

Tapping into Your Creative Genius: For Profit, Growth or Social Change

Personal Productivity: Maximizing Your Time, Energy & Resources

Self Esteem: Recognizing the Gifts Within You

Situational Awareness, Self Analysis & Impulse Control: A Survivor’s Guide

Discovering Your Passion: Living a Life of Purpose

Personal Marketing: How to build and leverage your personal brand to more easily accomplish your goals 

Time Management & Prioritization: Because there really aren’t 24 hours in each day

Goal Setting & Plan Formation: There is no Success Without a Plan

Image & Perception: How to Avoid Being Misinterpreted

Communication & Understanding: The Keys to Wholesome Relationships

Hard Choices: How to Navigate the Minefield of Adolescence and Adulthood

Fitness: Health, Balance, and Marketability

The College Experience: A Professional and Entrepreneurial Networking Perspective

Critical & Lateral Thinking: Developing a Mission-Oriented Way of Living

The Human Element: How to Get Others to do What You Need Them to

Managing Change: In Your Personal and Professional Life

Entitlement Thinking and Accountability: The Internal Struggle

Education vs. Entertainment: You are a Reflection of How You Spend Your Time


Personal Financial Management: To Spend or To Save… Is that Really the Question

Cash Flow Analysis & Budgeting: How to Live Within Your Means

Retirement Planning: Be Prepared or Prepare to be Hungry 

Cash Flow, Quality of Life & Net Worth: How Best to Measure Success

Taxes, Inflation & The Cost of Living: Your Money’s Diminishing Purchase Power  

Debt & Credit Management: How to Create and Manage Your Financial Identity

Image, Consumerism & Retail Marketing: The Mind Game of Capitalism

The Art of Negotiation: How to Make Acquisitions Below Retail/Market Value

Operational Management: The Power and Efficiency of Systems Implementation 

Savings, Loans & The Cost of Capital: The Banking Scheme


Business Development & Management: Creating Your Business Infrastructure 

Entrepreneurship: The Wealth Multiplier 

Financial Statements: Understanding & Utilizing the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, & Statement(s) of Cash Flow

Assets vs. Liabilities: a Social, Professional and Economic Analysis

“Monetizing” Talent: How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Monarchies, Business, Government & The Church: An Empire State of Mind 

Time, Energy & Money: Our Most Valuable Resources


Investing & Wealth Creation: Having a Plan for Too Much Money

Earned, Passive & Portfolio Income Analysis: Why all Income Isn’t Created (or Treated!) Equal

Leverage & Other People’s Money (OPM): The Wealth Building Secret

Legacy, Succession, & Multi-Generational Wealth: Ensuring That all Your Hard Work Isn't Squandered or Appropriated 

“Good Debt” vs. “Bad Debt”: How to Avoid the "Rat Race"   

Asset Protection: Don’t Let Love, Life or Poor Planning Take all You’ve Worked For

Real Estate: The Great Wealth Builder


Public Service: “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required” 

At Risk Youth: “Each One, Teach One” 

 Young Men of Color: “What Happens to a Dream Deferred?”